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There are a lot of options when choosing an immigration attorney. Everyone claims to be the best. The difference you get from The Martinez Law Group is passion. The kind of passion that only comes from a genuine belief in what you are doing. While other lawyers will represent you purely for money, The Martinez Law Group chooses to represent you because he believes it is right.

Everyday the United States Government deports residents of the US who have paid their debts to society. They are able to do this because deportation is not considered a punishment. Antonio Bugge became interested in immigration law when he learned of this. It is his personal opinion that deportation is not only a punishment, it is a serious and at times cruel punishment.

So what you have to ask yourself is, do you want an attorney that truly believes that you or your loved one should be allowed to stay in the United States or do you want an attorney that is willing to argue for your money

    • • Asylum
      • Board of Immigration Appeals
      • Bond Hearings
      • Cancellation of Removal
      • Detention Issues
      • Deportation Defense
    • • Employment Visas
      • Immigration Appeals
      • Immigration Court
      • Immigration Waivers
      • Immigration Consequences of Criminal Convictions
    • • Investor Visas
      • Motions to Reopen Orders of Removal
      • Motions to Vacate Criminal Convictions
      • Naturalization
      • Permanent Residence
      • Visas for Athletes and Entertainers


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